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Joanna Butenko, the designer and founder of Heavenly Bundle, Inc., is a work-at-home mother of two beautiful girls, Ekaterina and Tatiana. Joanna enjoyed a career as a certified recreational therapist, which ultimately led her into this business, as she and her family lead a healthy life style.

After recovering from the delivery of the birth of her first child, Joanna found herself overwhelmed with great joy, as well as with a sense of anxiety and fear with a new baby in tow. She wanted to be able to bond with that little baby staring back at her and have that sense of oneness one always hears about. After much research and all the positives she read about babywearing, Joanna was determined to give this smart invention a try.

Joanna enjoyed finding unique clothes in thrift shops. "I remember finding some neat green boots on sale and I would wear them every day! They made me feel very original". When her first daughter was born, she also wanted something that made her most prized possession stand out. "Every mom should feel special once they have that little one, why not look hip while wearing them and have them close to your heart".

Heavenly Bundle started out simply to spread the wonders of babywearing, something that Joanna can swear by: "It has not only given me great joy to be close to my children, but it has also given me confidence as a parent. I am in tune with my little ones."

Heavenly Bundle

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