Safety reminders

Click here to read an article on correct positioning by babywearing educator M'Liss Stelzer, R.N., and mommy Holly McCroskey.

Always be aware of your infant's breathing. Asphyxia (inability to breath) can occur in small babies when their chin is pressed tight against their chest. Make sure baby's head and neck are aligned and supported well. This can be prevented by proper positioning. Placing a baby on top of an open receiving blanket and then place baby in sling with blanket opened out of sling. Seam of the sling should be aligned with baby's bottom, and back and head should be aligned in a straight, upright position.

By lifting up the fabric that is against your chest higher, you create a more shallow pouch which helps the baby's face stick out more in sling.

Always check your sling for wear and tear before/after use.

When learning to use sling for the first time, do so sitting down.

Do not use the sling with an uncooperative child; it is possible for a child to climb out of a sling.

Put an arm around your child when bending over and watch for corners around your home, buildings, etc. when doing daily activities with child.

Check seams regularly.

Beware of what you put in the carrier with the baby.

Do not leave your baby unattended in a carrier (sleeping in sling, or as a blanket).

Do not cook with heat, or handle hot liquids, while wearing your baby on your front or hip.

If your baby is on your back, be careful.

Keep dangerous items out of reach of little hands.

Don't use a baby carrier while in a moving car.

Above all, use simple common sense! If you have doubts about the safety of what you are doing, don't chance it!  

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