Tips for easy wearing

Remember when learning to use a sling for the first couple times, do so sitting down.

Try to make sure baby has been fed, and has a dry diaper on before placing in sling.

Once baby is inside sling, start moving! Babies love this soothing movement and are reminded of being inside their mother's womb.

Some parents do not know if they should put a calm baby in a sling or fussy baby: you can put both. A baby sling can calm a fussy baby that just feels like they need some warmth and security.

If baby is too fussy in sling, take baby out, take a break and try again at a later time.

Remember, do not give up! Wearing your baby takes practice! Before you know it, you too will be a pro, and your baby will feel more comfortable in the sling when they sense that you are as well.  

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